Advanced Cardiac Care.

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Advanced Cardiac Care.

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One Cardiac Program, Two Campuses

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An Innovative Collaboration

In the Greater Waterbury area, patients and their families benefit from having advanced cardiac care available at not just one, but two local hospitals they know and trust.

The Heart Center of Greater Waterbury is the joint advanced cardiac service program that is provided at both Saint Mary's Hospital and Waterbury Hospital - the two "campuses" of the Heart Center. The Heart Center of Greater Waterbury is a collaborative effort between Saint Mary's Hospital and Waterbury Hospital.

Your community hospitals have joined resources to bring exceptional cardiac services to each campus to meet the growing cardiac service needs of patients, their families and community members.

Each campus is remarkably equipped with the technology, equipment, experienced clinicians and support personnel to provide the full range of care for patients requiring same day diagnostic or inpatient cardiovascular services. These services include:

What does this mean for you, the patient?

This means that residents of Greater Waterbury communities may choose at which hospital they want to receive their cardiac care.

The choice is yours.

The services are identical and the physician team is the same at both campuses.

You can rest assured, whichever campus you choose, the quality of care you or your loved one receives is excellent and more importantly close to home.